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About me

Born in Mutira Village, Makengi Gaturi North; alumni of Nguire Primary School, County Primary School, Kagaari Primary School, Sacred Heart Boarding Primary & Kyeni Girls High School; Muciī ni Rukira, Kithimu Ward, nake vava munjiari aumite mucii munene wa Embu ya Mwea (karaba) – Proudly Embu! Muembu Karing’a!

I have had a long career in Public Service spanning over 18 years where I worked with the United Nations (UNDP) supporting Government of Kenya Public Service Reforms and Performance Contracting.

I later served the Government as CEO of NEPAD under the Africa Union mandate. At all times in my career, I have left an outstanding record of performance and Integrity. On the infamous matter of the NYS where I served as Principal Secretary for Public Service and Youth – I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The courts will vindicate me.




Embu Ithereme!
Embu Itamburike!
Niko Tayari !

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